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Q: What's required?

A: A SIM card with an active data plan from a GPRS network, and SMS functions enabled. 


Q: Why do I need a data plan if the GPS network is free?

A: Our watch can log onto the Global Positioning System for free, but in order to send this information to the parent's cell phone, data usage is required. 


Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Although battery life is dependent on usage, rest assured that even with heavy usage, our batteries will last the entire day. And while its possible that our battery could last 2-3 days, we strongly recommend charging it nightly, just to make sure. 


Q: My cell phone provider is AT&T, can I use a Lil Tracker GPS watch?

A: Yes. Although you cannot insert a SIM card from AT&T directly into our trackers, our devices operate independently from the parent's phone. So the parent's mobile phone provider can be AT&T (or anyone else) and they can still interact with our GPS devices. 


Q: I have a Blackberry, can I use it with Lil Tracker?

A: No. At the moment our app is supported by the Android and iOS operating systems.


Q: Do I need a voice plan?

A: No, a voice plan is optional, however you will miss out on some features such as voice calls, remote monitoring and SOS calls.


Q: How much data does your GPS watch use?

A: Average daily use ranges between 20-30 MBs of data per month.


Q: How many contacts does the GPS watch store?

A: You can program up to 15 names and numbers in the watch's phonebook. Your child simply swipes the touchscreen and taps on the desired contact to place a call. 


Q: What is the range?

A: As our GPS watches work on a mobile network, there is no range. As long as your watch is connected to the cell phone network, you can interact with it: across the street or halfway across the world!


Q: In which countries does your GPS watch work?

A: Our devices work in countries all over the world, however be advised if you leave your home country, there will be roaming charges. It works just like your mobile phone.


Q: Can the watch use Wi-Fi instead of data.

A: No. The Wi-Fi bars you see on the face of the watch are to help find your child's position in cases where the GPS network is unavailable. We call this Wi-Fi positioning. The watch does not use Wi-Fi to replace network data usage.


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