What to Look for When Shopping for a GPS Tracker for Children

What to Look for When Shopping for a GPS Tracker for Children


As parents, ensuring the safety of our children is of great importance. With the advancements in technology, GPS tracking has become an invaluable tool for keeping track of our little ones. Here’s what to look for if you are considering purchasing a GPS Tracker for your child.


Real-Time Tracking: Opt for a GPS tracker that provides precise and reliable real-time tracking of your child's location. Look for devices with GPS positioning technology as well as backup technologies, like Wi-Fi and LBS positioning for when GPS is unavailable (i.e. when your child is indoors).


Battery Life: Check the battery life of the GPS tracker. Look for devices with long-lasting batteries that can withstand a full day of usage. Consider a tracker with low battery alerts to ensure uninterrupted tracking.


Durability and Water Resistance: Children are hard on their belongings. Choose a GPS tracker that is durable and water-resistant. Check to see if there are any additional accessories available to help protect your tracker.


Size, Comfort and Look: The tracker should be lightweight and comfortable for your child to wear. The tracker should also be something that your child wants to wear. Consider devices that come with comfortable, adjustable wristbands and that are offered in fun colours that get your child excited about wearing them.


Geo-Fencing: Look for GPS trackers that offer geo-fencing capabilities. This feature allows you to set virtual boundaries or safe zones and receive alerts when your child exits these predetermined areas, enhancing their safety.


Two-Way Communication: Look for a GPS tracker that offers two-way communication, enabling you to call or message your child directly through the device. This feature allows for quick and convenient communication, providing an additional layer of security.


SOS Button: An SOS button is a valuable feature to have on a GPS tracker. It allows your child to quickly send an emergency call to you or designated contacts when they are in distress or need immediate assistance.


Additional Features: Explore any additional features that may be offered, such as step tracking, remote monitoring, or video chatting. These features can add value and can provide a better user experience.


SIM Card Services: Know that with most GPS trackers, a SIM card plan is necessary. Shop around with different providers for the best price or verify with the company if they offer SIM card services.


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