A: No. Our Bluetooth Trackers are terrific for tracking objects that don't move by themselves, such as your keys, wallet, remote control, etc. To track people or pets, we suggest one of our GPS tracking devices.

A: All you'll need to set up and operate our Bluetooth Trackers is your mobile phone and our free Lil Tracker mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. There are no fees or monthly subscriptions for this product.

A: Battery life is dependent on usage, but our Bluetooth Trackers use minimal power. The original battery should last 2-3 months and a replacement will last up to 15 months.

A: Absolutely! You can connect up to 6 Bluetooth Trackers simultaneously to one account.

A: Lil Tracker Bluetooth key trackers use standard Bluetooth 4.0 technology, so the range is similar to other Bluetooth 4.0 products. Depending on the landscape, your connection will last up to 200 feet (60 metres).

A: Our Bluetooth trackers can be shipped to any country wordwide. Purchases shipped outside of North America may be subject to duties or customs fees which are not included in the pricing. Check your local regulations.

A: Not at all! The whole process should take less than one minute. And, if you do run into trouble, we offer free support! Simply reach out by email or phone and we'll help walk you through the easy set up process!