A: A SIM card with an active data plan + SMS services on a standalone plan, operating on a compatible 4G network. For users in the US, we offer the SIM cards here:


Users in Europe, Australia, Asia and South America can use a SIM card with Data + SMS on a standalone plan with any GSM provider. For users in Canada, see our dedicated Canadian website: www.liltracker.ca

A: Our devices can log onto the Global Positioning System (GPS) for free, however, data services are required in order to send this information to the guardian’s mobile phone. 

A: While battery life is dependent on usage, rest assured that even under heavy use conditions, a fully charged Lil Tracker battery should last the entire day. And while it’s possible that your battery could last 2-3 days, we recommend charging it nightly, just to make sure. 

A: We offer the SIM cards here: www.liltracker.com/pages/sim-and-data-plans

A: For customers in the US, we strongly recommend our SIM cards. The SIM cards we offer are designed specifically for GPS trackers and plans begin at only $5/month with no commitments (cancel anytime). Not only are they the most economical plans, set up is a cinch!

A: No. Lil Trackers operate as independent devices, so you can have any wireless provider in your mobile phone and still interact with your Lil Tracker device.

A: Yes! For security, the first person who downloads the app and connects with the device will be the account administrator. Other people can download the app and add the device, and the account administrator will receive an authorization request. They can then decide if they wish to authorize or reject the new user's request for access to the Lil Tracker.

A: As our GPS Pendants work on a mobile network, there is no range.
As long as the device is powered on and connected to the mobile network, you can interact with it - across the street or halfway across the world!

A: Our GPS pendants can work in countries all over the world. They work just like your mobile phone, so don’t forget that if you leave your home country, there will be roaming charges. 

A: No! Most users have their Lil Tracker pendants fully configured within 5 minutes, particularly if you go with one of our SIM card options. If you do run into a problem, we offer free support. Just reach out and one of our friendly support specialists will be pleased to walk you through the set up.