7 things to do in advance that can save your child’s life in an emergency

Over the last couple of months we've been travelling around to various fire stations to create awareness for our Lil Tracker Kids GPS watch. During our conversations with firemen and other emergency service workers, we always ask them what parents can do to help protect their kids and what they can do in advance should the unthinkable happen. Over and over, they informed how, in the heat of a tragic moment, parents tend to have trouble recalling important details that could help save their children. 
Additionally, they stressed that when it comes to reporting these details to local police, time is of huge importance.


Here is a list we've summarized from the conversations we've had:

-Teach your kids your telephone numbers and have them memorize them.

-Keep a recent photograph of your child in your wallet as well as a digital copy.
-Keep a list of each child's blood type.
-Note your kid’s eye colour, hair colour and hair style. Update the photo as hairstyle changes or every 6 months.
-Note your child's height and weight.
-Detail all birthmarks, piercings, or other individual markings.
-Make a list of places (cities, friend's houses, areas) your child may be headed to, should they decide to runaway.
-Make a note describing the clothing your child is wearing before they leave the house without you.
-Buy them a Lil Tracker or another kid’s GPS tracker watch.

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