Sunset on 2G Devices

As 2020 moves along, it looks all but certain that support for 2G devices in North America will be discontinued by both T-Mobile and Rogers Communications in 2021. Both companies have guaranteed support through the end of 2020, and neither has made an announcement that support would be extended, like they have in previous years. 

Moving forward, we are now recommending purchase of only our 4G devices, for the majority of our clients.

We do recognize that there are a significant number of families who, due to Covid-19 and the closure of sleep-away summer camps in 2020, are looking for an  affordable solution for the SUMMER OF 2020. It is for this reason, and for our customers outside of North America, that we continue to offer Lil Tracker 2g devices for sale. However, effective on August 15th, 2020, we will cease sales of 2G devices within North America. 

Exclusive: Vodafone will not switch off 2G until 2025 link