Top 8 Places your child should be wearing their Lil Tracker GPS Watch

There are lots of places that present unique challenges to parents who want to keep their kids safe, where crowds are abundant and a child can get lost in an instant. But not with Lil Tracker – here are the top 8 places your child should be wearing their Lil Tracker.



Kids spend more time at school than they do at home, and it’s the one place where parents can’t keep track of their children. Until now – make sure your child has a Lil Tracker safety watch laid out with their school clothes, backpack and lunch bag for every school day.



In the blink of an eye, kids can disappear, and at the park, where there are crowds, nearby roads, and more, it’s especially dangerous. If they have on their Lil Tracker, though, you’ll know where they are every second, even if they slip out of your range of vision for just a split second.



Crowds abound at the mall, and kids will be pulled in a million directions there (from food and treats to things that catch their eyes in stores). Have a back-up solution with Lil Tracker.


Activity centre

While these places are fun for little ones, they can pose challenges to a parent who is trying to keep track of their child, or children, if they have more than one. Make sure you can see their whereabouts on your Lil Tracker app.


Movie theatre

When those lights go down, you’ll still have a spotlight on your child’s wellbeing with our safety watch. Enjoy the feature presentation without worrisome distractions.


Birthday party

Whether they’re hitting a birthday party solo or not, you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities without fretting about where your child is.


Friend’s house

Is your son or daughter headed to a friend’s house? Eliminate the “call to check in” by making sure that they are wearing their Lil Tracker.


Sporting event

There are loads of crowds at arenas and the like, so put your mind at ease with Lil Tracker. Buy a watch in your team’s favourite colours!



It’s unfamiliar territory when you’re out of town, but you’ll feel familiarly relieved when your kids are wearing their Lil Tracker watches and you can see where they are, 24/7.