A: A SIM card with an active data plan on a GPRS network.


A: Our watch can log onto the Global Positioning System for free, but in order to send this information to the parent's cell phone, data usage is required.


A: We supply our users directly with the SIM cards and mobile data and voice plans needed to operate the watch. We have partnered to operate on the Rogers Wireless network. (check to ensure Rogers Wireless is available in your area)


A: Nope. You are free to use your own SIM card. An active card from any GPRS compatible network will work just as well. The SIM card and data plans are a service we offer as a convenience for our users. We can even install and configure your SIM card (for a small extra fee) should you desire it.


A: About a month before your term expires, you'll receive an email from us, offering the chance to further continue the service for various term lengths. Or don't. It's entirely up to you!


A: Yes. Our Lil Trackers operate independently from the parent's phone. (Think of them as being cell phones themselves.  So parents can use any network, (Bell, Telus, SaskTel, etc.) Our watch does however, require a SIM card from a GPRS network (such as Lil Tracker Mobile, Rogers Wireless, Fido, and a few others)


A: No, a voice plan is not required. But keep in mind you'll be a little more limited. Devices with plans that don't include voice services may not have access to our 'listen in features' as well as 'voice calling' and 'SOS calling' features.


A: If you use your Lil Tacker watch daily, you'll use about 20-30 MBs of data per month. This includes data for locating your child's position, and the sending of  'voice chats', back and forth with the watch. (Voice chats are recorded, up to 15 second long, voice messages that you can send back and forth with the watch.) They're great because these are charged as data. 


A: Our Lil Tracker GPS devices work in countries all over the world, but please be advised that if you leave your home country, there will be roaming charges. It works just like your mobile phone. Keep in mind, if you have a Lil Tracker SIM card, you're plan is automatically set up NOT to roam. If you are going on a trip and you to use your Lil Tracker abroad, give us a call and we'll discuss our travel packages with you..