Lil Tracker GPS App Privacy Policy

Lil Tracker GPS Privacy Policy

Lil Tracker GPS ("we," "our," or "us") recognizes the significance of safeguarding your personal information, and we are committed to ensuring its protection in alignment with relevant laws and regulations. In light of this, we have established this Privacy Policy ("this policy"). We strongly advise you to meticulously read and comprehend this Policy prior to using Lil Tracker GPS and its associated services ("our services"), enabling you to make well-informed decisions. 

This policy aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the following aspects: 

1. Collection and Use of Information: We gather and utilize your information in strict accordance with the guidelines outlined in this policy. However, we emphasize that we will not bundle the collection of information in a way that enforces acceptance of multiple provisions, even if you consent to this policy. 

2. Necessary Information: When you engage with our services or activate specific features, we collect and employ only the essential information required for the functionality and provision of services. You have the option to decline providing certain information, which will not impact your access to other features or services unless such information is crucial for fundamental business operations or legally mandated. We will clearly outline the information deemed necessary within this Policy. 

3. Account Sign-In and Information Push: If you use our services without signing into an account, we ensure the basic functionality of information push by utilizing the relevant identifier information of your device. However, if you choose to log in to your account, we will utilize your account information to facilitate information push. 

4. Permission Control: Permissions for accessing contacts, precise geographic locations, cameras, microphones, and photo albums are not enabled by default. These permissions are only activated when explicitly authorized for specific features or services, and you retain the right to revoke such authorization. Importantly, we refrain from collecting your information when specific features or services do not necessitate it, even if you have provided consent for these sensitive permissions. 


This Privacy Policy is applicable to your utilization of our services via the Lil Tracker GPS applications, as well as the Lil Tracker GPS Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) for third-party websites and applications. 

The subsequent information will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how we manage personal information, including its collection, usage, storage, transfer, sharing, and protection. Additionally, it outlines how you can inquire about, access, delete, rectify, and withdraw your authorized personal information. Notably, crucial clauses concerning your personal information and interests are highlighted in bold, ensuring that you give special consideration to these sections: 

(1) How We Collect and Use Personal Information (2) Additional Information for Permission to Use 

(3) Additional Information on the Use of Third-party (SDK / API / H5) Access Rights: When you use our services on third-party platforms through our SDK, API, or H5, your information may be collected according to that platform's policies. Be sure to review these policies to understand how your information is handled. 

(4) How We Use Similar Technologies Like Cookies: We may use technologies like cookies to collect and store information to enhance your experience. You can manage or disable cookies through your browser settings but note that some features may not function properly. 

(5) How We Share, Transfer, and Publicly Disclose Personal Information: We do not share, transfer, or disclose your personal information to others unless you consent or as required by law. When necessary, we will seek your explicit consent before sharing your information with third parties. 

(6) How We Store Personal Information: We store personal information for the duration necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this policy unless a longer retention period is required by law. 

(7) How We Protect the Security of Personal Information: We implement security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. We use encryption, access controls, and other safeguards to ensure data security. 

(8) Manage Your Personal Information: You have the right to access, correct, and delete your personal information. You can also withdraw your consent for certain data processing activities. You can manage these settings through your account or by contacting us. 

(9) Terms of Use for Minors: Minors under 18 must read and understand this policy with their guardian's supervision. Minors should prioritize personal protection when providing information and follow responsible online behaviour. 

(10) Changes and Notifications of the Policy: We may update this policy to reflect changes in our practices or for legal reasons. We will notify you of any significant changes and provide the revised policy for your review. 

(11) Contact Us: If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about this policy or our practices, please feel free to contact us. We are here to address your inquiries and provide assistance. 

1. How we collect and use personal information 

We collect and use personal information based on your consent and in compliance with this policy. When you use our services or activate certain features, we collect the necessary information for functionality. You can decline to provide certain information without affecting other services unless required by law. The specific types of information we collect and how we use them are outlined in this policy. 

1.1 Sign Up, Login, Authenticate When you sign up, log in, or authenticate on our services, there are certain procedures and information involved to ensure a seamless experience: 1.1.1 Sign Up and Login: a. To create an account, you need to provide relevant identification information such as an avatar, nickname, and password. Additionally, you have the option to fill in details like your gender, birthday, location, and personal profile to enhance your account. Your account preferences and settings are also stored. b. You can choose to log in using a third-party account, allowing us to access public information like avatars and nicknames from the third-party platform. This information will be used to bind your third-party account to your Lil Tracker GPS account for direct login and service usage. 

1.1.2 Authenticate 

When you utilize specific features or services that require authentication, such as the "Parenting" or "Guardian" functionalities, certain legal and regulatory requirements might necessitate the provision of your real identity information (such as a phone number) or relevant certification (like a psychologist qualification) for verification purposes. This type of information falls under the category of sensitive personal data. While you have the option to decline providing this information, please note that doing so could potentially prevent you from 


5. Actions you perform while using the Services: clicking, tracking, browsing, forwarding. 

6. Information you voluntarily provide: feedback, posts, likes, comments 

7. Geographical information: Sensor data such as GPS information, Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth, and base station details 



accessing these particular services. However, this refusal will not impact your ability to use other features and services offered by Lil Tracker GPS. 

1.2 Information Browsing 

a. Lil Tracker GPS might offer recommendations of content that aligns with your interests. To provide this functionality, we may collect essential log information. 

b. The log information we utilize for displaying content encompasses the following: 

c. The information mentioned above is collected and utilized in an anonymized manner. The data analysis pertains solely to distinct, unrelated codes that do not directly correlate with your identity. It is not linked to your actual identity. 

1.3 Function and Interaction 

1.3.1 Function 

a. When utilizing features that involve uploading images, utilizing Chat, or engaging in video chats, we will request your permission to access your camera, photos, and microphone. If you decline this permission, you won't be able to use these specific features. However, this refusal will not impact your ability to use other features as usual. 

1.3.1 Release Information 

a. When you create content, post comments, ask questions, or provide answers, we will gather data concerning your posts, and your profile details like nicknames and avatars will be displayed alongside the content you publish. 

b. If you decide to post content with a specified location, we will request permission to access your geographic location and collect pertinent location data linked to this feature. Declining to provide precise geographic location information will render you unable to utilize this particular feature, but your ability to use other features will remain unaffected. 

c. We collect the information you supply to us when utilizing our services, encompassing data included in comments, messages, graphics, audio, and video that you share through our platform. 

1.3.3 Interactive Communication 

a. By engaging with the accounts and communities that pique your interest through following; browsing, commenting, bookmarking, liking, or sharing content, we accumulate data on the accounts you follow and tailor your feed based on your preferences. 

b. If you opt to add contacts via the Phone Book feature, we will seek permission to access your contacts and apply encryption algorithms to safeguard the information stored in your address book. Contact information is considered sensitive personal data. Choosing not to provide this information will solely prevent you from using the Quick Add feature, without any impact on your ability to utilize other features within Lil Tracker GPS. 

1.4 Search 

When utilizing the search functionality within Lil Tracker GPS, we gather the keywords you input for your searches and maintain logs of these interactions. To optimize your search experience, certain information is temporarily stored on your local storage device. This enables you to view search results and a history of your past searches efficiently. 

1.5 Safe Operation 

1.5.1 Security Features 

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of our product and environment, aiming to provide dependable and high-quality services. To achieve this, collecting information to support security features is crucial. 

1.5.2 Device Information and Log Information 

a. In order to maintain the security and smooth operation of our software and services, we gather essential data including your hardware model, operating system version, international mobile device ID, unique device identifier, network device hardware address, IP address, Wi-Fi access point, Bluetooth, base station information, software version, network access type, status, quality data, operational records, and service logs. 

b. To counteract malicious software and ensure secure operations, we gather data on installed applications, running processes, application behaviour, usage patterns, frequency of usage, application crashes, overall installation usage, performance metrics, and application sources. 

c. In situations where you have provided authorization or where it is legally permissible, we might utilize your account details, device information, service log data, and information shared by our affiliates and partners to ascertain account security, verify authenticity, detect potential security incidents, and take measures to prevent them. 

1.6 Changes in the Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information 

We want to bring to your attention that as our business expands, there may be modifications to the functionalities and services we offer. Generally, when new features or services are closely linked to the existing features or services, any personal information collected and used will be directly or reasonably connected to the initial processing intent. However, in cases where your personal information is being collected and utilized for purposes that aren't directly or reasonably related to the original purpose, we will notify you again and seek your renewed consent. 

1.7 Exemption From Obtaining Consent To Collect and Use Personal Information 

In accordance with pertinent laws, regulations, and national standards, there are specific scenarios in which we collect and utilize your personal information without requiring your explicit authorization. These situations include: a. Instances that are directly pertinent to national security and defence; 

b. Cases that are directly linked to public safety, public health, and significant public interests; 

c. Situations that are directly associated with criminal investigations, prosecutions, trials, and execution of sentences; 

d. Circumstances in which the collection is essential to safeguard the personal information subject or other individuals' crucial legal rights and interests, especially when acquiring individual consent is impractical. 

e. Instances in which the personal information collected is voluntarily disclosed by you to the public; 

f. Cases involving personal information obtained from lawfully disclosed sources, such as legitimate news publications, government information releases, etc.; 

g. Situations necessitated for the initiation or execution of a contract as per your request; 

h. Conditions imperative for sustaining the secure and stable functioning of the software and associated services, including the identification and resolution of software and service anomalies; 

i. Requirements vital for lawful news coverage; 

j. Compelling circumstances wherein academic research institutions necessitate statistical or academic research driven by public interest, with personal information anonymized when sharing research results or descriptions with external entities; 

k. Any other exigencies as mandated by prevailing laws and regulations. 

Please be aware that information that cannot be individually identified on its own or in combination with other data does not fall under the legal definition of personal information. However, when such data becomes identifiable or can be linked to other personal information, it will be treated and safeguarded as your personal information in accordance with the provisions outlined in this Policy. This applies specifically to instances where we combine such information with other identifiable personal data. 

2. Additional Information Regarding Permission Usage 

Certain features within our services may necessitate access to specific permissions, such as location, camera, microphone, and more. It's important to note that these permissions are activated solely when you utilize the corresponding features. Additionally, you retain the option to revoke authorization for these permissions at your discretion. We are committed to providing transparent insights into the purposes behind these permissions and the precise reasons they are required. 

2.1 Address Book Permissions 

Features Requiring this Permission: phone book, shipping address, contact import function. 

2.2 Call Permissions 

Features Requiring this Permission: call function. 

2.3 Location Permissions 

Features Requiring this Permission: Map function, Geofence function, Notification Center, Settings function. 

2.4 Camera Permissions 

Features Requiring this Permission: Scan QR code function, Audio and Video Call function, Profile Settings, Lil Tracker Wearer settings 

2.5 Album Permissions 

Features Requiring this Permission: Remote photo function, Chat (send photos) function, Screen saver settings function, Profile settings function, Lil Tracker Wearer settings. 

2.6 Microphone Permissions 

Features Requiring this Permission: Voice Reminder function, Chat function, video call function. 

3. Additional information on the use of third-party (SDK / API / H5) access rights 

To enhance your overall experience, we engage with reputable third-party entities. We conduct a thorough assessment of the intended usage of shared information by these affiliated and third-party entities, while meticulously evaluating their security protocols. These parties are required to adhere to our Cooperative Legal Agreement. We rigorously monitor the security aspects of software tools utilized by our partners, such as Software Development Kits (SDKs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and H5 technologies, in order to safeguard data integrity. 

Sharing your personal information with our affiliated entities and authorized third parties is contingent upon your explicit authorization and consent. This sharing excludes instances where the personal information has been de-identified, rendering it untraceable to individual subjects and preventing re-identification. Should affiliated or third-party entities seek to employ this shared information beyond the boundaries of the original consent, they are obligated to obtain your renewed authorization. 

3.1 Affiliate Advertising (SDK) 

Permissions are required as follows: 

The following permissions are necessary for the optimal functioning of the application: 

1)Obtain carrier information. 

2)Access Wi-Fi network information. 

3)Read your phone's current status. 

4)Access network permissions. 

5)Write/read external storage device. 

6)Location access. 

7)Installation permission. 

8)Obtain task information. 

9)Power management operations. 

3 .2 Mobile Payment (SDK) 

The following permissions are necessary for the optimal functioning of the application: 

1)Access to network. 

2)Obtain network status. 

3)Obtain Wi-Fi status. 

4)Read your phone's current status. 

5)Write to external storage devices. 

6)Modify sound settings. 

3.3 Push System (SDK) 

The following permissions are necessary for the optimal functioning of the application: 

1)Access to network. 

2)Write to external storage devices. 

3)Obtain network status. 

4)Obtain Wi-Fi status. 

5)Read your phone's current status. 


7)Obtaining task information. 

8)OPPO mobile message (only for OPPO mobile phones). 

9)MEIZU mobile phone message (only for MEIZU phone model). 

3.4 Video Call (SDK) 

The following permissions are necessary for the optimal functioning of the application: 

1)Open camera device. 

2)Change network status (e.g., whether you can access the network). 

3)Modify sound settings. 


5)Access to network. 

6)Write to external storage device. 

7)Obtain network status. 

8)Obtain Wi-Fi status. 

9)Read your phone's current status. 

10)Read external storage devices. 

11)Wake lock. 

4.How We Utilize Similar Technologies Like Cookies 

Cookies and analogous technologies are widely employed across the Internet landscape. In the course of using our services, we may apply such technologies to transmit one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device. This facilitates the collection and storage of information pertaining to your interactions with and utilization of Lil Tracker GPS. We assure you that cookies are employed exclusively for the purposes delineated in this policy. Our deployment of cookies and akin technologies primarily serves to realize the following features or services: 

4.1 Ensuring Secure and Optimal Functionality of Products and Services 

In our efforts to ensure the secure and efficient operation of our products and services, we might employ cookies or anonymous identifiers for authentication and security purposes. This enables us to verify the safety of your logged-in session within the services, as well as to identify instances of theft, fraud, and other illicit activities. Additionally, these technological measures contribute to the enhancement of service efficiency, including improved sign-in procedures and response times. 

4.2 Enhancing Your Access Experience 

The implementation of these technologies can significantly streamline your user experience by eliminating the need for repetitive steps and processes, such as inputting personal information and conducting searches (including saved search records and form completions). 

4.3 Personalized Content and Recommendations 

Cookies and similar technologies enable us to gain insights into your preferences and usage patterns. Through data analysis, we can enhance our product offerings and services. This allows us to provide tailored content recommendations and features aligned with your interests, while also optimizing the selection of advertisements that align with your preferences. 

4.4 Clearing Cookies 

The majority of browsers and mobile applications offer users the option to clear cached data stored by the browser. You can carry out this data clearing in the settings of the respective browser or application. It's important to note that clearing cookies may impact your ability to use certain services or functions provided by Lil Tracker GPS that rely on cookies, as these modifications can affect their functionality. 

5. Sharing, Transfer, and Public Disclosure of Personal Information 

5.1 Sharing 

5.1.1 Principles of Sharing 

a. Authorization Agreement: We share your personal information with our affiliates and third parties only with your explicit authorization and consent. This applies unless the shared information is de-identified, and the data cannot be linked back to you by the third party. In the event that the shared information is used for purposes beyond the scope of your original consent, the third party is required to obtain your consent once again before proceeding. 

b. Legitimacy and Minimal Necessity Principles: When sharing data with affiliated parties and third parties, the data shared must serve legitimate purposes and be limited to the minimum necessary extent required to fulfill those purposes. 

c. Safety and Prudence Principles: We rigorously assess the purpose for which shared information is used by affiliated parties and third parties, conduct thorough security evaluations of their capabilities, and ensure their compliance with the Cooperative Legal Agreement. Furthermore, we implement stringent security monitoring on software tools utilized by partners to gather information, such as software development kits (SDKs) and application program interfaces (APIs), in order to safeguard data security. 

5.1.2 Sharing of Information for Implemented Functions or Services: 

a. De-identified Information Sharing: We share de-identified personal information with our related parties and third-party entities when you utilize features provided by them. Additionally, when collaborating with software service providers, smart device manufacturers, and system service providers, we may share de-identified information to enhance service offerings. Through comprehensive statistical analysis and algorithmic evaluation of user preferences, we create aggregated audience profiles. These profiles facilitate the recommendation, display, or delivery of content, features, services, or advertisements that align with your potential interests. 

b. Third-Party Account Login: If you choose to log in to third-party products using your Lil Tracker GPS account, we will share the information you authorize, such as your nickname and profile picture, with the third-party products to facilitate the login process. 

c. Location Services: In cases where you utilize location-related services, we share GPS information with our designated location service provider, AutoNavi. This sharing enables us to provide accurate location-based results. It's important to note that GPS information is considered sensitive personal information. If you decline to provide this information, it will only impact the availability of location services, while other functionalities will remain unaffected. 

d. Payment Processing: Our payment function is facilitated through collaboration with a third-party payment agency. This agency may require certain personal information for payment processing purposes. Specifically, they may collect your name, bank card type, card number, expiration date, and mobile phone number. It's essential to note that bank card number, expiration date, and mobile phone number are classified as sensitive personal information. These details are essential for seamless payment processing. If you choose not to provide this information, it will solely impact the functionality of the payment feature, while other functionalities will remain unaffected. 

5.1.3 Controlling Advertising and Analytics 

a. Push Advertisements: In our efforts to optimize promotion and advertising, we may collaborate with partners who entrust us with these activities. However, it's important to note that we do not share information that could directly identify you, such as your name or mobile phone number. Instead, we provide them with indirect image tags and de-identified or anonymized information. This approach helps enhance the efficiency of advertisements without compromising your personal identification. 

b. Advertising Analytics: To analyze and assess the effectiveness of advertising and related services, we may share analytics data in a de-identified statistical format that doesn't have any direct association with your identity information. This data sharing is conducted with our service providers, suppliers, and other business partners, contributing to comprehensive insights and measurement of advertising impact. 

5.1.4 Shared Information for Security and Analytics 

a. Ensuring Account Security: Our commitment to account and service security is paramount. Accordingly, we may share essential equipment, account, and log information with our affiliates or service providers. This collaborative sharing is geared towards safeguarding your and other users' accounts and assets, thereby mitigating any unlawful infringement upon your legitimate rights and interests. 

b. Usage Analysis for Enhanced Experience: In our pursuit of analyzing service usage patterns and elevating user experience, we may collaborate with related parties or third parties to share aggregated statistical data pertaining to product utilization (such as instances of crashes or flashbacks). This data, devoid of personal identifiers, is amalgamated with other information to glean insights that augment the quality of our offerings. 

5.1.5 Marketing and Promotion 

Engagement in our promotional endeavors, in collaboration with us, our affiliates, or third parties, may necessitate the provision of details such as your name, address, contact information, and more. Recognizing the sensitivity of this information, we acknowledge that your reluctance to share such details may impede your participation in relevant activities. However, it's worth noting that other features will remain operational unaffected. 

Should you decide to extend your consent, we may, in line with your preference, share this information with pertinent affiliates or third parties. This sharing could be geared towards 

ensuring a consistent and seamless experience during events or, in certain instances, to enable a third party to facilitate the timely redemption of your rewards. 

5.2 Transfer 

a. We hold your personal information with the utmost respect for your privacy and will not transfer it to any third party without your explicit consent. 

b. In the course of our business expansion, scenarios such as mergers, acquisitions, or asset transfers might arise, potentially leading to the transfer of your personal information. Should such changes occur, rest assured that we will continue to uphold your personal information's security, adhering to legal regulations and security standards that align with or surpass those outlined in this Policy. In the absence of compliance, we shall mandate that the recipient obtains your renewed authorization and consent. 

5.3 Disclosure 

a. Safeguarding your information is paramount, and we commit to not publicly disclosing your information unless it aligns with national laws and regulations or if we have obtained your explicit consent. In cases where disclosure is necessary, we will adhere to industry-standard security measures. 

b. Instances of illegal account activity and fraud necessitate action, including the disclosure of pertinent account information as part of our penalties announcement process. 

5.4 Exemptions from Obtaining Consent for Sharing, Transfer, and Public Disclosure of Personal Information 

It is important to note that there are specific situations in which we may share, transfer, or publicly disclose your personal information without obtaining your explicit consent, in strict accordance with prevailing laws, regulations, and national standards. These situations include, but are not limited to: 

a. Instances directly related to national security and national defence security; 

b. Matters directly linked to public safety, public health, and significant public interests; 

c. Cases directly pertaining to criminal investigations, prosecution, trial, and enforcement of sentences; d. Scenarios aimed at safeguarding personal life, property, and other crucial legal rights and interests when obtaining individual consent is impractical; 

e. Personal information that you have voluntarily disclosed publicly; 

f. Collection of personal information from legally disclosed sources, such as lawful news reports and government information releases. 

6. How We Store Personal Information 

6.1 Storage Location 

In strict adherence to applicable laws and regulations, we store the personal information collected and generated through our domestic operations within Canada. As of the current moment, there is no intention to transfer the aforementioned information overseas. In the event that such a transfer becomes necessary, we will duly abide by pertinent national regulations or obtain your explicit consent before proceeding. 

6.2 Storage Period 

We uphold a policy of retaining your personal information solely for the duration necessary to deliver our services effectively. This encompasses information such as posts, comments, likes, and associated details, which will be retained until such time as you opt to withdraw, delete, or deactivate your account. Subsequently, we will either delete or anonymize your personal information, barring any legal stipulations to the contrary in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

7. How We Ensure Personal Information Security 


8. Manage Your Personal Information 



a. Ensuring the security of your personal information stands as a paramount priority for us. To this end, we are dedicated to implementing reasonable security measures, encompassing both technical and administrative aspects. These measures are intended to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, improper use, public disclosure, modification, loss, damage, or any form of unauthorized handling. 

b. Employing encryption, anonymization, and other rational and practical methods, we are committed to fortifying your personal information's security. Our encryption technology is at par with, if not surpassing, industry standards. Furthermore, we have implemented robust security mechanisms to shield your personal information from malicious attacks. 

c. Our approach extends to the establishment of a proficient security management system and comprehensive data security processes. These facets are in place to guarantee the utmost safety of your personal information. A rigorous protocol governs data usage and access, ensuring that only authorized personnel possess access to your personal information. Additionally, the security of data and technology is subjected to rigorous audits to ascertain their integrity and security at the appropriate junctures. 

d. Despite the reasonable and effective measures outlined above, as well as compliance with pertinent legal requirements, it is vital to acknowledge that achieving an infallible 100-percent security for information within the Internet industry is inherently unfeasible. Technical limitations and potential malicious tactics can challenge even the most stringent security measures. Regardless, we remain steadfast in our commitment to exhaustively fortify the security of the personal information entrusted to us. 

e. We encourage you to recognize that the systems and communication networks utilized to access our services may encounter disruptions due to factors beyond our direct control. In light of this, we strongly advise that you proactively take steps to enhance the security of your personal information. This could entail employing intricate passwords, regularly modifying your passwords, and refraining from sharing your account credentials and associated personal details with third parties. 

f. To address potential user information security incidents, we have developed comprehensive contingency plans that will be promptly enacted to curtail the escalation of any associated impact or consequences. In the unfortunate event of a user information security incident, such as data leakage or loss, we are committed to swiftly communicating pertinent details to you. This will encompass an outline of the incident's fundamental context, potential ramifications, the corrective measures undertaken or slated for implementation, precautionary measures to mitigate risk, and available remedies. 

We will deliver this information through various channels including push notifications, text messages, and other relevant formats, ensuring that you are well-informed and equipped to respond appropriately. In instances where individualized notification proves challenging, we will adopt reasonable and effective means to make comprehensive announcements. Furthermore, we will adhere to the stipulated regulations by promptly reporting the handling of user information security incidents to the relevant regulatory authorities. 

g. When you navigate away from our services and access third-party websites, services, or content resources, it's important to recognize that we lack the capability and direct responsibility to safeguard any personal information you provide to these external entities. Whether you're engaging with the mentioned software through browsing, using it, or following links or recommendations from Lil Tracker GPS, we cannot extend our protective measures to the data you share on such platforms. 

We place significant emphasis on managing your personal information and strive to uphold your rights in relation to inquiries, access, modifications, deletions, withdrawal of consent, account cancellations, complaints reporting, and privacy preferences. Our aim is to empower you to safeguard your privacy and information security effectively. 

8.1 Personalized Information Preferences 

8.1.1 Self-Managed Information Reception 

Self-Controlled Push Notifications: Our information recommendation features operate on automated decision-making mechanisms, encompassing information systems and algorithms. As we continuously enhance and refine our recommendation system, we uphold a stringent auditing approach at the evaluation level. Ensuring your autonomy in information reception is of utmost importance to us. If you find certain pushed information irrelevant or wish to curtail specific recommendations, you can simply click the "X" icon in the push information bar to block it. 

8.2 Access, Deletion, and Correction of Your Personal Information 

8.2.1 Accessing Personal Account Information: You have the ability to inquire about and access your profile picture, username, profile details, gender, birthday, and region. You can accomplish this through the Lil Tracker GPS Personal Center by navigating to the "Edit Profile" section. 

8.3 Account Deletion 

To initiate the account deletion process, you can make a request through Lil Tracker GPS>Me>Delete Account. Before processing the account deletion, we will ensure the verification of your personal identity, security status, device information, and other relevant factors. Detailed instructions for the account deletion procedure and its associated content can be found in the "Delete Account" instructions. Please be aware that the account deletion request is irreversible. Once completed, we will proceed to delete or anonymize the information associated with your account, unless there are specific legal obligations or regulations that require us to retain certain data. 

8.4 Complaints and Reporting 

Should you wish to file complaints or reports, we encourage you to utilize our established channels for such actions. If you suspect that your personal information rights are being compromised or if you encounter any indications that our collection of your personal information contradicts legal provisions or mutually agreed terms, we invite you to engage with our Lil Tracker GPS Support team ( Here, you can communicate the issue to our customer service team. Following a thorough review and validation of your user identity, we will promptly respond to and address your complaints and reports. 

8.5 Access 

a. The complete contents of this Policy are accessible on the login page and by accessing your personal account through Me>About. 

b. We kindly request your understanding that the services outlined in this Policy may vary depending on the device you utilize, such as phone model, system version, software application version, and mobile client. The software you employ will determine the final products and services available to you. 

8.6 Cessation of Operations 

Notification In the event of our discontinuation of operations, we will promptly halt the collection of your personal information. We will notify you of this suspension through individual communication or announcements. Furthermore, we will undertake the necessary steps to delete or anonymize the personal information that we have gathered from you. 

9. Terms of Use for Minors 

a. If you are an individual under the age of 18 and considered a minor, it is important that you read and agree to this Policy under the guidance and supervision of your parent or legal guardian before utilizing our services. 

b. We are committed to adhering to the pertinent laws and regulations of the State to safeguard the personal information of minors. We will only collect, use, store, share, transfer, or disclose the personal information of minors as permitted by law or with explicit consent from parents or legal guardians, or when deemed necessary to protect the minor's well-being. In cases where we inadvertently collect personal information from a minor without prior parental consent, we will make every effort to promptly delete such information. 

c. If you are the legal guardian of a minor and have inquiries regarding the personal information of the minor under your care, please reach out to us using the contact details provided in this policy. 

10. Changes and Notifications of this Policy 

a. In our continuous efforts to enhance the quality of our services, updates and modifications to our offerings may occur. Consequently, we will periodically revise this Policy to reflect such changes. These revisions will be considered integral components of this Policy and will carry the same weight and significance. Your rights established under the current iteration of this Policy will be upheld without necessitating explicit consent. 

b. In the event of updates, an amended version of the Policy will be presented within Lil Tracker GPS prior to the implementation of the updated terms. We will also provide additional notifications, such as incorporating notices in announcements, prominently displaying information on the Services' main page, or dispatching notifications to you. We strongly encourage you to review the Policy whenever you access, employ our services, or interact with us in any manner, in order to remain well-informed about our information practices and the measures you can undertake to safeguard your privacy.