Lil Tracker User Agreement

Lil Tracker User Agreement

1. Introduction

This Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made and entered into as of the date hereof (the “Effective Date”), by and between Lil Tracker (“Company”) and the customer that purchases and/or uses the Company’s product and related services (“Customer”). 

The term "our services" pertains to the client application known as "Lil Tracker GPS" legally owned and operated by us. This encompasses various aspects, including, but not limited to, the essential functionalities such as location tracking, video calls, chat messaging, remote equipment management, personalized suggestions, information sharing, interactive communication, alongside other features. Lil Tracker GPS serves as an application and content service platform designed for domestic users. The Lil Tracker User Agreement, referred to as "This Agreement", constitutes a mutual understanding between you and us concerning your registration, login, and overall utilization ("use") of our services. 

To provide you with better services, please read and understand this Agreement in its entirety before usage. Pay particular attention to clauses involving exclusions or limitations of liability, licensing and usage of information, agreeing to activate and use special single services, applicable laws, and dispute resolution. In particular, focus on clauses marked in bold, such as those related to excluding or limiting liability. 

Should you be under 18 years of age, please read and thoroughly understand this agreement alongside your legal guardian. Before using our services, ensure you've received verifiable consent from them. 

Upon accessing or utilizing our Services, you acknowledge your acceptance of these Terms. If you do not agree, refrain from accessing or using our Services. Should you agree or use our services, it is understood that you have already perused and consented to abide by this User Agreement and Regulations related to other software, encompassing but not restricted to the Privacy Policy. The Lil Tracker User Agreement, referred to as "This Agreement," constitutes a mutual understanding between you and us concerning your registration, login, and overall utilization ("use") of our services. 

2. Lil Tracker and related services 

2.1 You can acquire our client application through methods such as pre-installation or authorized third-party downloads when preparing to utilize our services. If you obtained the software through other means not specified by us, we cannot ensure the smooth operation of unofficial software versions, and any resulting losses incurred would be unrelated to us. 

2.2 We might create distinct application versions tailored for various terminal devices. It's essential to obtain, download, and install the suitable version based on your specific device. If you decide to discontinue using our services, you have the option to uninstall the corresponding application. 


To enhance the user experience, we will periodically update or modify our services (which may encompass software adjustments, upgrades, functional enhancements, new service development, software replacements, etc.). Depending on your requirements, you can choose to update the corresponding version. 

In our commitment to bolster service security and enhance user experience, we will provide appropriate reminders following partial or comprehensive service updates. These reminders may include system notifications, announcements, website messages, and more. You retain the right to decide whether to accept the updated version. If you choose not to, certain functions of our services may be limited or unavailable for normal use. 

2.4 Unless expressly authorized in advance by us in writing, you are prohibited from engaging in unauthorized access or usage of our services in any manner. This includes, but is not limited to, actions such as adaptation, reproduction, distribution, vertical search, mirroring, or trading. 


To avail yourself of our services, you must ensure the availability of your own terminal devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and the like. Upon accessing our services through your terminal device, it is understood that you have engaged with our services. 

To fully utilize the software's capabilities, you may need to establish a network connection with your terminal equipment. You are responsible for covering any associated costs, such as data charges and internet access fees. 

2.6 We provide you with a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-commercial, and limited license to access and utilize the Services, strictly in accordance with the provisions laid out in these Terms. Any rights not explicitly granted to you in these Terms remain under our ownership. Your license does not encompass any rights that are not explicitly mentioned or specified, unless permitted through the Services or provided by us in writing. It's important to note that even if we do not exercise certain rights mentioned above, it doesn't signify a waiver of those rights. 

2.7 While registration is not mandatory for using our services, it's important to note that not registering might impact access to key functions or services. We kindly ask for your understanding in recognizing that, in order to optimize your experience with our services, enhance account security, and ensure a high-quality service environment, certain features and/or specific services (like comment services) may necessitate the provision of authentic identity information. This requirement aligns with the relevant national laws and regulations, and real-name registration may be essential before accessing these features. 

3. Your Account 

3.1 Our services offer a registration channel for your convenience. You retain the right to select a legally permissible character combination as your account identifier and establish your own password that aligns with security requirements. The account and password you create serve as your credentials for accessing and utilizing our services. 

3.2 You acknowledge that the account you establish must adhere to both national laws and regulations and our pertinent guidelines. Additionally, you must refrain from engaging in actions that infringe upon national interests, jeopardize the lawful rights of fellow citizens, or compromise societal ethics. It is your responsibility to ensure that your username, avatar, profile, and any other individual-specific information are lawful. This includes refraining from using someone else's identity without obtaining proper authorization (including, but not limited to, assuming another person's real name, image, etc., in a manner that generates confusion). 

Furthermore, you are prohibited from registering your account with malicious intent, which encompasses activities like frequent or bulk registration. Please be aware that we retain the authority to review the information you provide. 

3.3 Your Lil Tracker GPS account is exclusive to you. It is strictly forbidden to share, lend, rent, transfer, sell, or grant others permission to use the account without obtaining our prior written consent. Should we identify or possess reasonable suspicions that you were not the initial registrant of the account, we reserve the right to safeguard account security. This may involve suspending or terminating service provision to the registered account or promptly canceling the account altogether. 

3.4 You bear exclusive responsibility for the information linked to Your Account and any events connected to it. This encompasses, but is not restricted to, actions such as data modifications, posted comments, payments, and other activities. It is imperative that you uphold the security of your Account and promptly inform us in the event you detect or suspect unauthorized access to your Account. 

3.5 In the event that you forget your password, you can utilize the provided prompts to recover it. We recommend utilizing mobile number verification, followed by addressing the security concern. It is crucial that you manage your account and password with care. Please be advised that if your account is compromised or lost due to your actions, we cannot assume responsibility for such occurrences. 

3.6 When utilizing your account, it's important to retain awareness of the pertinent details you've entered, such as your account number, password, security questions, and more. In adherence to the applicable national laws and regulations, you might be required to furnish authentic identity information (like identity authentication) to access certain functions of our services. It's essential to remain vigilant about keeping this information current and accurate. 

Please be mindful that if the materials you submit or the information you provide do not meet the required standards or compliance, we retain the right to decline the provision of related functions. In such cases, you may not be able to access or utilize our Services. 

3.7 Apart from registering with Lil Tracker GPS directly, you are also granted the authorization to employ other legal software. This includes, but is not limited to, our software and/or affiliated software, along with third-party software user accounts registered under real names, to access and utilize Lil Tracker GPS. However, it's important to note that this authorization applies except in cases where third-party software or platforms impose limitations or prohibitions on such usage. 

In situations where you log in using an existing account as mentioned above, you are responsible for confirming that the relevant account has undergone real-name registration. This same requirement applies to adherence to this agreement. 

3.8 You not only have the ability to log in and utilize Lil Tracker GPS but can also use your account to access other software and services provided by our affiliated companies. It's important to note that when you log in and employ the mentioned services using your Lil Tracker account, you will be subject to the User Agreement and other relevant terms set forth by the respective service provider. 

3.9 To increase your content exposure and publish efficiency, we are granted permission to automatically publish all content generated by your account or the associated account on this software/website to other software and websites managed by us and/or our affiliates. Any actions you perform—be it publishing, modifying, or deleting—on this software/website will be synchronized with the mentioned external software and websites. 

When you register or log in to products and websites operated by us and/or our affiliated companies (if applicable), whether through your registered account or a third-party software user account, it's imperative to adhere to the "User Agreement" and other pertinent agreement terms specific to the respective software and website. 

3.10 Upon successfully registering, logging in, and undergoing appropriate identity verification on Lil Tracker GPS, you gain the ability to peruse and edit the personally identifiable information you submitted whenever needed. However, certain information, like initial registration details and other verification-related data provided during registration (e.g., for account or password recovery services), might be restricted from modification due to security and identity-related considerations. 

Should you wish to delete your account, you have the option to request so. We will assist you through a process involving reasonable and necessary verification of your personal identity, security status, device information, and related aspects—unless otherwise stipulated by applicable laws and regulations. 

3.11 To make full use of account resources, if you don't log in promptly after your initial registration or if your account remains inactive for a period exceeding six months, we will initiate account recovery. 

4. User Personal Information Protection 

We collaborate with you to safeguard your personal information, which can individually identify a user or be combined with other data. Upholding the protection of users' personal information stands as one 

of our fundamental principles. In our pursuit of furnishing superior services and responsive technical support, there might be instances where you are required to share your personal information—this encompasses, but isn't restricted to, details like your name, phone number, and location information—while using Lil Tracker GPS. 

To ensure your personal information is well-guarded, we employ encryption technology, anonymization, and other compatible technical and security measures in line with Lil Tracker's framework. Additionally, specific details pertaining to other aspects about you are covered in accordance with the provisions detailed in the Privacy Policy. 

5. User Code of Conduct 

5.1 User behavior requirements 

When utilizing our services, you bear responsibility for all events associated with Your Account. It's important to note that your license does not encompass the right to engage in activities unless explicitly allowed through the Services or authorized by us in writing. 

5.1.1 You are prohibited from utilizing unauthorized or unlicensed plug-ins, systems, or third-party tools to disrupt, manipulate, modify, or adversely affect the regular functioning of our services. Additionally, you must refrain from engaging in any actions that compromise the security of the computer network supporting our services. This encompasses activities such as, but not limited to: 

(1) Unlawful intrusion into others' networks, disruption of their regular operations, unauthorized extraction of network data, or any actions that jeopardize network security; 

(2) Creating, distributing, or using programs and tools specifically designed for network intrusion, disruption of normal network functions, evading security measures, and unauthorized data extraction is strictly prohibited. 

(3) It is strictly forbidden to provide assistance through technical support, advertising promotion, payment settlement, or any other means, to individuals whom you know are engaged in actions that compromise network security. 

(4) Using unauthorized data or gaining access to servers/accounts without proper authorization is strictly prohibited. 

(5) Unauthorized entry into public computer networks or others' computer systems, followed by actions such as deletion, modification, or addition of stored information, is strictly prohibited. 

(6) Engaging in attempts to detect, scan, or test vulnerabilities of the "Lil Tracker GPS" system or network without proper authorization, as well as any actions that compromise network security, are strictly prohibited. 

(7) Engaging in endeavors to interfere with or disrupt the regular functioning of the "Lil Tracker GPS" system or website, deliberately distributing malicious programs or viruses, and other activities that disrupt and interfere with regular network information services are strictly prohibited. 

(8) Falsifying TCP/IP packet names or parts of names is strictly prohibited. (9) Engaging in reverse engineering, disassembly, compilation, or any other attempts to uncover the source code of our services is strictly prohibited. (10) Engaging in malicious registration of accounts for our services, which includes but is not limited to frequent and bulk registration, is strictly prohibited. 

(11) Engaging in actions that contravene laws and regulations, violate this agreement, breach our relevant rules, or infringe upon the legal rights and interests of others is strictly prohibited. 

5.1.3 If we possess reasonable grounds to believe that your actions violate or might violate the aforementioned agreement, we reserve the autonomy to assess and address the situation. 

Furthermore, we retain the right to terminate your service without prior notice and take legal actions as deemed necessary. 

5.2 Content Specification 

5.2.1 Once you've successfully registered in accordance with the stipulated regulations, you can log in to Lil Tracker GPS using your registered account or through our partner platform account. This allows you to publish content, engage with comments, and more. 

5.2.2 We are dedicated to ensuring that the release of information and subsequent comments adhere to standards of civility, reason, friendliness, and high quality. As we foster the growth of information sharing, interactive communication, and comment posting, we are committed to enhancing our information security management capabilities. This includes bolstering self-discipline in content dissemination and comment interactions, all the while fulfilling our social responsibilities. We remain aligned with national laws and regulations, respecting the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and upholding social order. 

5.2.3 The content you contribute through comments, releases, and posts should adhere to these stipulated requirements. This includes compliance with laws, regulations, social order, social morality, the socialist system, national interests, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, moral norms, and the authenticity of information. By using our platform, you acknowledge and pledge that you will refrain from generating, duplicating, publishing, or circulating information that is prohibited by laws and regulations such as: 

(1) Content that opposes the fundamental principles established by the Constitution; 

(2) Material that jeopardizes national security or divulges state secrets; 

(3) Information that aims to subvert state power, overthrow the socialist system, incite secession, or undermine national unity; 

(4) Content that tarnishes national honor and interests; 

(5) Material that supports terrorism and extremism; 

(6) Information that promotes national hatred, discrimination, or undermines national unity; 

(7) Content that incites regional discrimination or regional hostility. 

(8) Material that promotes the destruction of national religious policies, cults, and superstitions 

(9) Fabricating and spreading rumors or false information that disrupt economic, social order, and social stability; 

(10) Spreading violence, obscenity, pornography, gambling, promoting criminal activities, homicide, terror, or inciting crime; 

(11) Violating the legal rights and interests of minors or harming their physical and mental well-being; 

(12) Unauthorized capturing or recording of individuals without consent, infringing upon the legal rights of others; 

(13) Including horror, violence, high-risk content that jeopardizes personal or others' physical and mental health; 

(14) Endangering network security, utilizing the network to jeopardize national security, honor, and interests; 

(15) Insulting, defaming, or infringing upon the legal rights of others; 

(16) Utilizing violent intimidation, threats, or human flesh searches against others; 

(17) Infringing upon personal privacy, information, or data; 

(18) Spreading offensive language, disrupting social order; 

(19) Violating privacy, reputation, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, etc.; 

(20) Disseminating commercial advertisements, excessive marketing messages, and spam; 

(21) Commenting in a language not commonly used on this platform; 

(22) Posting content irrelevant to the subject matter being commented on; 

(23) Publishing content devoid of meaning or deliberately using character combinations to evade technical reviews; 

(24) Contravening laws, regulations, policies, and social order, or interfering with our normal operations, or infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others or third parties. 

5.3 We have instituted a public complaint and reporting mechanism. You have the option to file complaints through our designated reporting system for various issues, such as illegal activities, unauthorized communications, and dissemination of harmful information. We are committed to promptly receiving and addressing your feedback, aiming to collaboratively cultivate a safe and ethical online environment. 

6.Information Content Guidelines 

6.1 Without our explicit written consent, you are prohibited from authorizing, enabling, or assisting any third party in carrying out the following actions on the information content within our services, as outlined in this agreement: 

(1) Copying, retrieving, or utilizing information content from Lil Tracker GPS for commercial purposes, which includes but is not limited to promotional activities, boosting readership, and generating page views. 

(2) Editing, organizing, or typesetting information content from Lil Tracker GPS without permission and displaying it on platforms other than the original source page within our services. 

(3) Employing identification methods, including but not limited to unique identifiers, codes, etc., to aid third parties or engage in such activities yourself that manipulate the information content within our services. This includes actions like guiding readership, redirecting traffic, and intercepting our traffic. 

(4) Committing any other illegal actions related to obtaining or using information content from Lil Tracker GPS. 

6.2 With our explicit written approval, your actions involving sharing and forwarding information content from Lil Tracker GPS should adhere to the following guidelines: 

(1) Any relevant data obtained through crawling and statistics, such as popular search terms, hit rates, categories, searches, views, etc., must not be publicized, provided, or disclosed to any third party in any manner without our prior written consent. 

(2) You are prohibited from making alterations to the source pages of our services, including but not limited to the homepage link (profile page) and advertising system. You are also not allowed to hinder, insert, or use pop-up forms that affect the display of the source pages within our services. 

(3) Stringent, effective measures must be taken to prevent the unauthorized acquisition of information content from our services by third parties through any means, including but not limited to "spider" programs. 

(4) Do not employ relevant data content for purposes beyond the scope of our written permission, such as sales, commercial use, or disclosing, providing, or enabling third parties to use it in any manner. 

(5) The act of sharing, forwarding, and copying our service's information content to any third party must comply with additional codes and standards established by us. 

7. Enforcement of Terms 

7.1 In the event of your breach of this agreement or other terms of service, we retain the right to independently assess the situation and take appropriate actions, including but not limited to issuing advance warnings, refusing to publish, immediate cessation of information transmission, deleting subsequent content, imposing temporary speaking restrictions, and limiting certain or all account functions until a permanent closure is warranted. We also reserve the right to disclose the outcomes of such actions and determine the potential reinstatement of user accounts based on the prevailing circumstances. Any records suspected of violating laws, regulations, or constituting potential criminal 

activities will be duly reported to relevant authorities in accordance with legal requirements. We will cooperate with these authorities for any ensuing investigations. 

7.2 In the event that your violations of this agreement or other terms of service lead to complaints or litigation claims from third parties, you bear full responsibility for such consequences. Should we or our affiliates be required to compensate any third party or face penalties from a governmental authority due to your unlawful, infringing, or contractual breaches, you are obligated to fully indemnify us and our affiliates for any losses we incur. 

7.3 Lil Tracker is committed to respecting and safeguarding users' rights to intellectual property, reputation, name, privacy, and other legal rights. You are responsible for ensuring that any text, images, videos, audio content, links, and other materials uploaded while using our services do not infringe upon any third party's rights to intellectual property, reputation, name, privacy, or other legitimate rights and interests. In the event of allegations of infringement by the rights holders or related parties, we reserve the right to remove the content in question upon receipt of such notifications. You are solely liable for any claims raised by third parties in this context. If we or our affiliates incur any losses (including financial and reputational losses) due to your actions or tortious behavior, you are obligated to fully compensate us and our affiliates for any losses we sustain. 

8. Services Changes, Interruptions, and Termination 

8.1 We trust you understand that our services are delivered based on current technologies and conditions. While we strive to ensure the continuity and security of our services, unforeseeable risks that could lead to service interruptions, inability to use our services, and other losses or risks may arise at any time. Such risks include but are not limited to force majeure events, network issues, third-party service deficiencies, and actions by third-party websites. 

8.2 In order to maintain platform operational security, we reserve the right, based on specific circumstances, to determine the scope and configuration of services/functions. This includes the authority to modify, interrupt, suspend, or terminate our services as required. 

9. Advertising and Promotions 

9.1 While utilizing our services, you may receive pertinent information, advertisements, or branding services. Furthermore, we will exhibit commercial and promotional content, including both commercial and non-commercial information, from our software and related third-party vendors and partners on Lil Tracker GPS. 

9.2 As you engage with Lil Tracker GPS, we may deliver programmatic advertisements based on your preferences and interests. You have the option to deactivate programmatic advertising through Lil Tracker GPS settings. If you choose to do so, the displayed ads will remain unchanged, albeit with reduced relevance. Further details are available in the Privacy Policy. 

9.3 We are committed to complying with legal obligations in advertising and promotions. It is essential that you exercise judgment in discerning the authenticity and reliability of advertised or promoted content. You are responsible for any purchases, transactions, damages, or losses stemming from advertising or promotional information, except when explicitly prescribed by laws and regulations. In such instances, we bear no responsibility. 

10. Intellectual Property 

10.1 The intellectual property rights to the content available on our services, which encompass software, technology, programs, web pages, text, images, audio, video, graphics, layout, electronic documents, and more, are owned by us. Similarly, the copyright, patent rights, and other intellectual property rights pertaining to the software used to provide our services are also held by us. No individual or entity can utilize the contents of our services, including but not limited to monitoring, reproduction, 

dissemination, display, mirroring, uploading, or downloading through any robot or spider program or device, without our explicit permission. 

10.2 Any texts, images, videos, audios, and other content uploaded and shared while using our services must either be originally created by you or authorized in a legal manner. The intellectual property rights for any content you upload or post through Lil Tracker GPS belong to either you or the original copyright holder. 

10.3 In the interest of continually enhancing and delivering improved services, you consent to authorize us, as well as our affiliates, controlled companies, and successor companies, to utilize the content you upload, publish, transmit, or disseminate (including but not limited to texts, images, audio, music, video dialogue) on our services. This authorization encompasses worldwide, unrestricted, non-exclusive, sublicensable rights (with multiple levels of sublicensing). The rights granted include reproduction, information network transmission, adaptation, compilation, modification, translation, creation of derivative works, performances, and display. These rights are applicable across a range of platforms, including but not limited to existing or future websites, applications, products, or terminal devices. By confirming and agreeing to this, you acknowledge that the above rights and licenses encompass the following: content, promotions, advertisements, and/or related marketing materials concerning Lil Tracker and/or the company brand, as well as content developed through other avenues (in whole or part). To clarify, you also agree that the authorization of these rights encompasses the permissible use, reproduction, display, and transmission of personal images, portraits, names, trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos, company logos, and other materials. 

10.4 You grant us authorization to act on your behalf or delegate a professional third party to safeguard the intellectual property rights of content you upload and publish. This includes but is not limited to monitoring infringements, issuing cease-and-desist letters, initiating legal proceedings, or pursuing arbitration, mediation, and reconciliation. We hold the right to independently decide on matters of rights protection and execute them. 

10.5 Throughout the development and operation of Lil Tracker GPS, we provide technical support and possess all rights, as permitted by laws and regulations, to any data and information generated during these processes. 

11. Disclaimers 

11.1 Our services may be impacted or influenced by various factors, and we cannot guarantee the following (including but not limited to): 11.1.1 Our services will fully meet all user requirements; 11.1.2 Our services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, reliable, or free from errors; 11.1.3 Any software, services, or other materials obtained from us will meet your expectations; 11.1.4 Any errors in our services will be rectified. 

11.2 Should you encounter suspected loans, property-related network information, account passwords, advertisements, or promotions, we urge you to exercise serious consideration and judgment. We hold no responsibility for profits, business reputation, data loss, or other tangible or intangible losses you may incur. 

11.3 Throughout your use of our services, you may encounter events classified as force majeure—objective occurrences that cannot be foreseen, overcome, or avoided. Such events include but are not limited to natural disasters (e.g., floods, earthquakes, typhoons), governmental actions, wars, strikes, riots, and more. If such events transpire, we will endeavor to promptly address them. However, losses resulting from force majeure events will be exempt from liability within the boundaries set by laws and regulations. 

11.4 While we possess the right to address illegal content according to this agreement, this right does not constitute an obligation or commitment on our part. We cannot ensure that we will detect illegal actions in a timely manner or address them appropriately. 

11.5 Regarding our services, we do not provide any form of express or implied warranties or conditions, including but not limited to commercial availability or suitability for specific purposes. You bear sole responsibility for the corresponding risks when utilizing Lil Tracker GPS. 

11.6 This agreement is designed to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations, uphold social order, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of others. We will exert our utmost effort to make judgments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to the best of our abilities. However, we do not guarantee that our judgments will be entirely aligned with those of judicial and administrative authorities. Should they differ, you alone will bear the consequences. 

11.7 In any scenario, we accept no liability for indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, or special damages, including losses you may experience while using our services. Regardless of the reason, our full liability will never exceed the cost (if any) you paid to us for using our services during the membership period. 

12.Special Agreements On Single And Third-Party Services 

12.1 Our services encompass information or links to content gathered through various legal means by Lil Tracker GPS, as well as other individual services lawfully operated by us and/or our affiliates. You can activate and utilize these individual services as described within Lil Tracker GPS. Some individual services may necessitate your acceptance of agreements specifically crafted for that purpose or other rules binding you and the individual service provider. If needed, these agreements and rules will be presented to you prominently for your review and consent when you intend to utilize the mentioned service. Upon initiating the use of the services in question, it is understood that you embrace the constraints of the relevant agreements and rules associated with those individual services. In cases where terms of use are not specified as "permanent," "infinite," or "unlimited," the terms of use for these products or services extend from the date when a user starts using the product or service until the product or service is taken offline from Lil Tracker GPS. 

12.2 In situations where you engage with third-party services provided through Lil Tracker GPS, it is imperative that you adhere not only to this agreement and the relevant rules we set forth, but also to the agreements, privacy policies, and pertinent rules dictated by the third party. Should disputes, losses, or damages arising from third-party software and related services require resolution, the responsibility lies between you and the third party, and we are not held accountable for any outcomes between you and said third party. 

13. Terms Of Use For Minors 

13.4.1 Adolescent users should be supervised by their guardians while using our services. They should cultivate responsible internet usage habits, avoid excessive engagement in virtual online activities, and practice responsible internet browsing. 

13.4.2 Minors must adhere to the National Youth Convention on Network Civilization, which includes the following principles: 

(1) Engage in constructive online learning and avoid accessing inappropriate content. 

(2) Maintain respectful and honest communication online, refraining from insulting others. 

(3) Exercise caution when interacting with online acquaintances and avoid casual online relationships. 

(4) Uphold network security and avoid actions that disrupt online order. 

(5) Prioritize physical and mental well-being, refraining from excessive immersion in virtual online activities. 

13.5 To enhance the privacy protection of minors, we emphasize the need to exercise caution when sharing content involving minors. By releasing such content, you are agreeing to allow our services to display minor-related information, images, audio, etc. Furthermore, you grant us the right to utilize and process minor-related content in accordance with the terms outlined in this agreement. 

14. Miscellaneous 

14.1 This agreement, its establishment, enforcement, execution, and dispute resolution shall be governed by the laws of Canada. If any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable due to conflicts with Canadian laws, the remaining terms of this agreement shall be reinterpreted as closely as possible to the original intent, and all other provisions of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable. 

14.2 This agreement is executed in Montréal, Québec, CANADA. In the event of any disputes arising between us due to this agreement, both parties shall make earnest efforts to resolve them through amicable negotiation. If such efforts prove unsuccessful, you agree that the relevant disputes shall be submitted to the people's court in the jurisdiction where this agreement is executed for litigation. 

14.3 In order to provide you with improved services, we may need to update and modify our services in accordance with national laws, regulations, and policy adjustments. As a result, this agreement may be amended as necessary. Any such amendments will become an integral part of this Agreement. When updates are made, we will release an updated version of Lil Tracker GPS and provide you with notice of the updated content prior to the revised terms taking effect. You can stay informed about the latest version of this agreement. It is also possible to check the most recent version of the "Terms of Agreement" within the software's settings page. By continuing to use our services, you agree to accept the terms of the revised agreement. 

Should you object to the revised terms of this agreement, please cease logging in or using our services immediately. Continued use of the services implies your acknowledgement and acceptance of the revised terms. 

14.4 The headings used in this agreement are solely for convenience and reading ease, and they do not impact the meaning or interpretation of any provisions in this agreement. 

14.5 Both parties in this agreement are independent entities. This Agreement does not constitute any form of express or implied warranty, condition, representation, or interest between us and the user. Additionally, the parties do not form an agency, partnership, joint venture, or employer-employee relationship. 

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